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Top 10 Reasons to purchase a Wood-Burner


Nothing creates the perfect ambiance on a cold winter’s day than the warmth from a wood burner. The popularity of burning wood has significantly increased in the last few years and some of the reasons for this include: controlling costs by moving to a more sustainable fuel, wanting to become more carbon-neutral or simply wanting to enjoy a real fire! This has created a demand from stove and fire manufacturers to design highly efficient and stylish wood burners that can be enjoyed in a range of homes.

If you are a homeowner looking to install a wood burner, here are the Top 10 reasons why you should purchase one today.

With rising fuel costs, many homeowners are seeking alternative ways to heat their homes. Burning wood is not only better for the environment but it can also offer a carbon neutral, wholly sustainable heat source.


Wood is renewable and burning it is a carbon-neutral process, so the amount of CO2 it releases into the atmosphere as it burns is the same as that absorbed by a tree as it grows. If you are looking for local wood suppliers for your wood burning stove or fire, it is integral to select suppliers with sustainable plantations and cultivated woodland. This helps improve biodiversity, support jobs in the forestry industry and ensure that there is enough timber to meet future demands in years to come.


Airwash and Cleanburn technology diagram

Most wood burners integrate Airwash technology which is achieved by air being drawn into the top of the stove and heated in the central air chamber before being directed down behind the glass door to create a screen between the fire and the glass. As a result, fuller flames can be enjoyed from the fire without the glass becoming streaked with soot.

Cleanburn technology is another feature that can be found in a wood burning stove or fire. It is a system by which warm air is introduced into the firebox just above the normal height of the fire. The effect is to allow the combustion of unburned hydrocarbons in the smoke stream which provides a “cleaner burn” (i.e less soot particles going up the chimney/flue and into the atmosphere). This also generates more heat into the room and less going up the chimney.

CE approved logo

All Stovax wood burning stoves and fires are CE marked. This means that they have been independently tested to exacting European standards for both heating efficiency and emissions. This widely recognised acknowledgement of the highest standards is a testament to our commitment to employing the best procedures and practices and creating the very finest, quality appliances.

Open fires usually have an efficiency of up to 10-20% where as a wood burning stove or fire will have a heating efficiency of up to 86%. High efficiency wood burners maintain most of the heat inside your home with less going to waste up the chimney.

Smoke Control Logo

One of the major developments in stove design is the extensive availability of wood burners that are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. Living in a Smoke Control Area means that homes are not allowed to emit any smoke from their chimney when using a wood burner. If you own a wood burning stove or fire that is not exempt, please visit DEFRA to see a list of authorised smokeless fuels that you may be allowed to burn. If you are looking to fit a wood burning stove or fire in your urban home, city dwellers can now choose from the vast majority of wood burners that are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas.