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Galleon Fires Eco Friendly Heat Powered Wood Burning Stove Top Fan BLACK-Blade

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Product Description

Thermoelectric Stove Fan For Wood-Burning & Multi-Fuel Stoves

Achieve optimum results from your stove with our thermoelectric Stove Fan

This stove top fan has been designed with the sole purpose of efficiently circulating heat, generated by your stove, gently throughout the room, maximising your stove’s heat output and reducing fuel consumption.

The temperature difference between the top of the fan and top of the stove allows the built-in thermoelectric module in the fan to generate its own electricity, which means the stove fan requires no batteries or mains electricity supply.

The fan operates best at a temperature range of 135°C to 300°C, if the stove is running too cold then the fan will not operate as efficiently as it should, or not at all. If the stove is running too hot, then the fan could be permanently damaged and so invalidate the warranty.

We strongly recommend the use of a stove thermometer with the stove fan so that you can monitor the temperature and improve efficiency. Please note that the stove thermometer should be positioned on the other side of the flue pipe so that the temperature reading is not affected by the cold air drawn towards the fan.

Overall Dimensions:

Height 235mm (including blade) x Width 205mm (including blade) x Depth 100mm

Base Dimensions- Width 110mm x Depth 75mm

Headroom Required- 240mm

12 Months Limited Warranty


-The stove fan should be placed as close as possible to the side of the flue pipe, and slightly behind, never directly in front of the flue pipe as this may impair performance of the stove fan.

-Please only use this product with free standing stoves, as it is not suitable for inset stoves and other types of fireplaces, and may not function properly.

-The stove fan features a thermoelectric module that generates its own energy, and so requires the cooler air flow from behind the stove to do so.

-The base of the stove fan must be placed directly on the stove.


The stove fan will get extremely hot during operation. Do not touch any part of the fan while it is operating, or until it has cooled down after operation.

A stove glove should be used when repositioning the fan, and to do so only use the handle at the top of the fan.

Please make sure that the fan has completely cooled down before being placed on an unprotected surface.

Children must be supervised when the stove fan is operating.







Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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